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“Every Pattern, Every Stitch, Will Carry You Towards Destiny’s Front Door
– Scott Mitchell

Creating the Look You Want

Creating, enhancing, or redefining your look first requires an assessment to what your needs are. Perhaps you’re looking for a better fit, perhaps you already have the basics in your closet, and you want more colors and patterns in your wardrobe, or maybe you are transitioning into a new position in your career or business and would like to simply dress better. Whatever your reasons, at GLS we’ve developed a process that ensures you’ll accomplish your style and image goals. It all starts with our process.

The Initial Meeting

The first step in establishing your ideal look is understanding the image you’d like to project. This is crucial when it comes to selecting the right fabrics, and the right fit. This is done through our Style Profile. The Style Profile is designed to help us create a blueprint toward creating the look you want. Whether in a business or social setting, our aim is for you to “own the room”. Before we show any fabrics, we want to fully understand which styles, patterns, and colors work best for you. This helps us best recommend the correct fabric and design options to achieve the look you want.
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Closet Analysis

A part of our normal process, it is highly recommended that we conduct a thorough Closet Analysis. Here we can look at what styles you like, as well as what you may need to add to complete the style you like. Although an optional choice, we highly recommend this service to ensure that recommending the clothing items that best enhance your wardrobe.

The Fitting

The next step in the process, in establishing your ideal look is determining your ideal fit. We all have varying builds, therefore it’s imperative to establish the correct fit profile for your body. Unlike being measured for a suit off the rack, where 2-4 measurements are required, but also could require, in some cases, extensive tailoring, with custom suiting, we take over 18 unique body measurements to ensure the correct fit. The fit of your clothing is a key factor in presenting the style you want.
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Fabric Selection

Selecting the right fabric colors and patterns are essential to creating your style. With over 500 suit, sport coat, and slack selections, as well as over 300 shirt options, you’ll have an array of options to choose from, to create the look you want.

The Final Fitting

The final fitting is what we refer to as “The Unveiling”. This is where we try everything on and make determinations on whether there are any further alterations / tweaking that needs to occur. Typically, it’s not unusual for this to occur. Basic alterations are part of your custom suit.
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“Style is not born, it’s created”

– Gary Hampton