Louisville Style Coach & Custom Suits | GLS Custom Clothing
Louisville Style Coach & Custom Suits | GLS Custom Clothing
The styles you like, The fit you need, The look you want

Louisville Custom Clothing & Style Coaching Services

Style is defined in many ways. For many, style is defined by the clothing you wear. For some it has more to do with the way you handle challenging situations, and then for others, style is synonymous with the way an artist expresses them self, either through their music or art. Style has everything to do with interpretation and expression. If you ask 100 people how they’d define style, you’ll discover 100 unique interpretations, and 100 unique expressions.

When it’s all said and done, the way you see yourself determines the presentation that you make each day. It’s not just about what you wear, but what you wear is your personal expression of how you’d like to be perceived in a given environment.

Custom Clothing

GLS is a provider of custom clothing services, as well as provides Style and Image Coaching. Our mission is to help you create a look that’s going to best represent your own unique style values. We recognize that each client’s needs are different and we approach each project with that thought in mind. Because we have over 600 suit, sports coat, pant and shirt fabrics, it can sometimes be overwhelming. This is why we start with our Style Analysis to clearly understand what your needs and goals are. During this session, our goal is to gain a clear understanding of your style, fit, and any additional preferences that you need.

Style Coaching

As a style coaching client, we understand that the presentation you make each day, whether in a business or social setting, sends a clear message. The beauty of style and image coaching is that you get to  control the narrative you want to send each day. As your coach, our role is to empower you with the tools to assist you in creating an overall image of confidence and professionalism that sets you apart from the crowd.

The Art of Custom-Made Clothing

Shopping for men’s clothing today has undergone dramatic changes
from 20 years ago. Through the use of technology, today it is much
easier to create the look you want, without sacrificing quality. Men
today shop much differently than they use too just 20 years ago.
Today’s man looks for, uniqueness, variety, colors, and most of all fit.
Among the fastest growing segments in men’s clothing is custom
clothing. Custom clothing gives you many benefits that you simply don’t
get with what you find on the rack.

Among the most popular ones are:
  1. Hundreds of Fabric Styles, Colors, and Patterns to choose from.
  2. Unlimited Fitting Options to satisfy any body type.
  3. Pricing that is competitive with off the rack pricing.

Having a garment custom made gives you the uniqueness that separates you from the crowd. When you are having a garment custom made, many meticulous measurements are necessary in order, to create the fit that will best represent your body type.

While a suit off the rack requires basic fit measurements such as chest, overarm, waist and sleeves, and takes into consideration, the
customer’s height, weight, and body composition. A custom-made suit requires these same measurements, but also includes your shoulders, arms, wrist, hips thighs and knees just to name a
few. From a fit perspective, next to Bespoke, a custom-made suit gives you the best value.

Another key benefit to custom, is a virtually unlimited array of fabric and design options. Whether it’s the type of lapel, the unique lining options, all the way to what color thread you’d like, having a custom-made suit goes way beyond what you can get off the rack.

“Style is not born, it’s created”

– Gary Hampton